Magnefine on CVT?

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Jan 7, 2011
Florida, USA
Is it viable to install a Magnefine in-line filter on a CVT transmission? As far as I know, a Magnefine's restriction to flow is negligible (as tested by Ford), so I don't see any reason not to install one. The cost of some CVT fluid to top up is exorbitant, of course, but other than that... My mother's 2007 Altima has 90k miles. The Nissan dealer said there is no need to change the fluid yet. They checked several thousand miles ago, presumably by determining the fluid's deterioration level via their CONSULT III scan tool. I am thinking of getting a flush done once it hits 100k just to be on the safe side, so I was wondering whether installing a Magnefine would be viable as well. I know Nissan extended the warranty for CVTs to 10 years/120k miles. Installing a Magnefine would probably void that warranty, so maybe my question is a moot point (at least until the warranty expires).
I think its a good idea on any vehicle. Those with a lot of room I would use a larger spin-on. The install is minutes if there is rubber cooler hose, more if its metal, the cost is cheap, what is the downside?
As much as I love DIY filtration, I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize that 10yr/120Kmi freebe. Like said, I'd be more inclined into putting the resources into a DIY fluid change. Joel
Thanks for the input everyone. I'll see about getting a flush done as soon as it's convenient. Looks like the eBay fluids are about half price compared to dealer costs, so I'll see about getting a case. I need to check which CVT is in the Altima - seems there are the RE0F09B and the RE0F10A; the latter has a smaller fluid capacity (8.75 quarts vs. 10.78 quarts). Would 12 quarts be enough to have the the dealer perform the flush if I have the RE0F09B?
The CVT is a different animal, so I would be leery of installing any additional filtration until I did some research.
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