m1 0W-40 4580mi 97 Miata

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Sep 16, 2004
This is a 97 Miata that we have owned from new. It is my wife's driver and sees 70% city use and short trips. The only unusual item here is that this is an 11 month sample to get to 4.5K. Oil filter is Denso 150-1011. I had a lifter tick (hydraulic adjusters) when cold with RTS (the previous fill) and this was fixed with the M1 0w-40. The last sample I ran was at 10/2008 and showed a slight coolant leak that prompted me to replace the head gasket. No coolant leak this time! No additives in the oil, I run MMO in every gas fill (93 octane).
OIL             M1 0W-40  
MILES IN USE    4.58k     
MILES           192.9k   
SAMPLE TAKEN    7/20/14 

ALUMINUM        3          
CHROMIUM        0           
IRON            8            
COPPER          3             
LEAD            1             
TIN             1              
MOLYBDENUM      68               
NICKEL          0               
MANGANESE       0               
SILVER          0               
TITANIUM        0               
POTASSIUM       3               
BORON           118              
SILICON         5              
SODIUM          5            
CALCIUM         2728         
MAGNESIUM       110          
PHOSPHORUS      966          
ZINC            1082         
BARIUM          0        
INSOLUBLES      0.2           
WATER           0 
FUEL            <0.5            
FLASHPOINT ºF   385          
SUS VIS 210ºF   69.3         
cSt @ 212ºF     12.77   

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