Lug-Centric Rims

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Apr 5, 2018
Hi. While there are many mixed opinions on this topic in the internet, Some says there could be vibration, some say there shouldn't be any issue. i have more specific question. Does thigthening the bolts in Lug-centric rims ensure that wheels will be centered on the axcle ? Or do we have to take very special care to make them centered before thightening the bolts ? (Hubcentric rings are not available in my country. Need to find someone who can machine it for me) And can cars weight loosen the lug hole over the time ? (i have read that the friction between wheel and mounting surface reduce the vertical load on the lug nuts) There is vibration in the car. Steering wheel, and gear stick shakes. Even at 50-60 KM/h Had the tires balanced, but didn't fix the issue. i am told that i need rings or change the rims to oem. But i am using this wheel for 2 years. Never had such vibration at that speed. However i always had vibration at over 120km/h. Since highest speed limit is 110km/h, i didn't mind it.
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You can buy hub centering rings online for little money by measuring your hub outer diameter(OD) in millimeters(mm) and the inner diameter(ID) of the wheels that you want to use by using a micrometer. Can you do this?
just tighten lugnuts in the air in the normal cross or star pattern should be fine. if you cant get them fully tightened in the air, lower vehicle and finish tightening. With my lugcentric rims (from DTD) I tighten them in midair with a dewalt impact that tightens to aprox 70ft-lb then final tighten on ground with torque wrench.
Thanks for replies. i will try to tighten them in air. To see How it affect the ride quality. Ä°nterestingly one rim ideally fits any of the hub. Even i have to force to install the rim. I dont know how this is possible. Even though they are exactly same rims. While there is gap in other 3 rims. i will see if i can find correct size rings for it online. Shop suggested to have road force balance as an alternative solution. But since the issue is not related to balance, i think road force balance may have no effect. (in the best case it may eliminate the vibration at certain speeds while causing more vibration at higher speeds?) Regards.
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