Lubegard Red or Platinum for son's Chrysler???

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Jun 30, 2011
My recently bought a high mileage 2001 Sebring with a recently rebuilt transmission. Fluid is nearly new of course but my concern is the rebuild shop likely used some type of "Universal" fluid and not the proper ATF+4 when they filled it, unfortunately a common affliction with Chrysler products. I don't think we're going to be able to actually find out what was put in the tranny due to the work having been done by the previous owner. It runs fine now. Since it's new I want to protect it by getting the proper fluids in it. My son has no money either so I'm going to suck a bunch of the ATF out with my Liqui-Vac and refill with ATF+4. Past experience tells me I'll likely be able to get 4-6 quarts rotated doing so. We'll rotate it again in a month or so. Here's the question: Since I can't get all the ATF out right away, I plan to also add Lubegard to it, but I can't decide on the classic Red or Platinum for this application. From what I've read, if I were certain it didn't have ATF+4 in it I'd use Platinum, but I'm not certain although my suspicions are likely well founded. In the off chance it did have ATf+4 in it I'm afraid the Platinum might cause problems...but the Platinum is clearly intended to upgrade lower fluids which is exactly what I need, I think hah hah. I'm leaning towards rotating the 4-6 quarts and using Red, then doing the same again in a month or so. What say you Lubegard users?
I deeply distrust allegedly magic additives, so I would just do your fluid rotation plan unless you notice torque convertor clutch shudder. If you don't notice the shudder, no harm (and its almost certainly got ATF+4 if it doesn't shudder anyway).
Although you can only guess, if a real tranny shop did the work and they had a warranty, there's a pretty good chance they used ATF+4. Everyone now knows those trannies are particular about atf4 and that shop does not want a callback since it costs them money. I would chose red, but ATF+4 is such a good fluid, I question if any benefit would be derived from the Lubegard. Better to spend your money on a Magnefine filter. My 41TE tranny was rebuilt last September('10)...and October....and November....AND December. It went back 5 times to get things right. A long saga.
I'm with 440magnum...if it's working fine, just do your "rotation" with ATF+4 and skip the additives.
Yeah, I'd only add Lubegard Red if some symptoms were to arise like torque-converter shudder, etc or on a neglected transmission.
A universal that is spec'ed for ATF+4 should be fine. Amsoil would be the best you can get IMHO. What is not so good are some universal fluids where they add a magic additive and suddenly its ATF+4. I think that likely happens at the quick change places. They want to keep the flush machine filled with one fluid that works for all vehicles. I say skip the additive regardless. I have Amsoil in the 2001 Jeep AT and transfer case. Also my 93 Suburban.
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