Lowest oil consumption you have seen

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Jun 4, 2002
Of all the different gasoline engines you have owned or heard about which one was the best at keeping the dipstick on the full mark or at less 1/2 quart low and what were the miles ran and type/brand oil?
My wife's Honda! It's a 2000 Civic and has run on nothing but Mobil 1 5w30 since the second oil change, and now has just under 38k on it. It has gone over 3300 miles now since it's last oil change and the level on the dipstick has not moved a single bit. In previous intervals with this car it has only lost maybe 1/8th of a quart of oil in 6k. By the way, I am moving this to the car and truck lubrication section.
I've only come across two cars that were good at oil consumption: 1) '90 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. No oil consumption after 5000kms using 10W30 Mobil 1 Tri-Synth. RPMs were kept under 3000RPM all the time. 2) '96 Protege LX 1.8L. Consumed about 400ml after 5000kms after using Delvac 1 5W40. RPMs were kept under 3500RPM all the time. 3) '87 Toyota Camry. No oil consumption after 3000kms using Castrol GTX 10W30. Automatic transmission, driven a bit more aggressively. Regards, Oz
Of the five I service all require a little topping off between changes, none more then a quart in 7500 miles. The best requires no topping off, drops a pencil lead notch on the dipstick at 5000 miles and is a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
'92 Suburban 4X4, 350 V8, 255,000 miles do far, no mechanical mods, no engine teardown. Used zilch on 10W30 Amsoil or Mobil 1 10W30 SS between 5k changes. When I go down to 5W30's, oil concumption is 10 oz. between 5k changes. Next is Nissan Frontier, zilch on Mobil 1 10W30, but 4 oz. between oil changes on Amsoil 10W30. 40k on engine so far.
Nissan Sentra 2L. Uses no perceptable oil. Oil also stays very clean. In my experience there is a relationship to using oil and oil getting dirty sooner. I realize its not very scientific. [SPAZ!]
Al I believe you are right! When I checked my wife's oil this weekend I was amazed at how clean it looked for over 3000 miles. Makes me wonder how people could possibly think of changing it out at this point! [Razz]
My '96 VW Passat VR6(w/ 56K) runs 10w-30 dino oil every 5K miles and dipstick never moves. My '02 Grand Cherokee with 12K miles runs Mobil 1 0-w30 every 5K with same results.
My Impala now has 1900 miles on the M1 0W40 SS and it has not gone down at all. 1100 miles of this are highway with speeds around 85-90 MPH. I usually suffer more consumption during highway than city and would normally expect it to have fallen between the top 2 marker holes. This oil does appear to be getting dirty slightly faster(higher detergency?) than the previous 5W30 TS, but is still amber-brown and transparent with no cloudiness. The 0W40 also clings to the dipstick better than the 5W30. It can sit overnight and the oil is still coating the dip stick as if I had just shut it down. Before I would not have to wipe the stick if I waited long enough. I take this as meaning that it has more oil left in other places too, protecting better on startup.
My 1994 Civic del Sol Si (1.6L SOHC VTEC) with 121,000 miles is 4,000 miles into its first fill of Mobil 1 5W-30. As usual, no sign of oil consumption after plenty of hard driving.
My 2002 VW Passat with a 1.8T doesn't consumable a measurable amount of oil between 5,000 mile changes. Believe or not, I had a '74 Gremlin with a straight six, that wouldn't burn a drop of oil even when the body finally gave out at 132,000 miles.
My Olds Ciera with 3.3 Buick V6 would use 1 qt of M1 5W30 in 11k, but it was not linear in it's use, it would use more in the 5-9k range than the 1-5 or 9-11k ranges. I assume this was due to thinning then thickening.
Of my 12 vehicles only 2 use any oil between 6,000 km changes, a 97 Mazda pickup that has 90,000 miles on it and was owned by an Amalia dealer (1/2 qt at 3,000 km), and my 95 4Runner that is now around 175,000 km (1 qt at 6,000 km). This one is due to a poor rebuild at 100,000 km when I recovered it from the river. This one is designed for 20w50, so I use a group I CH-4 (now CI-4)
The best I have ever owned is our 2001 Toyota Echo that I use the Sheaffers 10/30 in. At 7K it is still full by the dipstick which I guess would not show an ounce being used. That is as far as I extend the drains and run it to that point every time. The car gets driven about 3000 miles per month average Our 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis with the same oil uses zero at 5k oil changes. That takes 8 months or thereabouts My low mile 1974 Chevy 3/4 ton Camper Special with the 454 is seldom driven. On a trip pulling the trailer it uses a quart in 1500 miles using 20/50 Castrol
Well, my little Toyota Echo has seen 9 oil changes (now at 50K miles) and I have never seen a noticeable drop in the oil level. I hope it stays this way, especially now that I installed an Amsoil dual filter/bypass system.
My '01 4cyl Accord @77k stays at full mark @6k oil changes using Mobil 1 10w30. Yeah, I know I should be using 5w20 per Honda, but....I couldn't force myself to do this after warranty miles were up.
Yeah, I know I should be using 5w20 per Honda
I don't think you will find a single person here who agrees with that statement. Stick with your 10W30, or better yet, go to 0W40.
my 90 ford van uses a 1 quart every 1000 miles is this really bad most mechenics say this is normal it is a 351 v8 also the oil is very dirty after 1000 miles
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