loss of power 3x this morning

Jan 27, 2004
Richmond, VA
This occured this morning on my 2007 Mustang GT 4.6L AT - When I start out in the morning I always turn the OD off since the local roads near my home have a 35 mph speed limit. While driving this morning on a relatively flat part of the road my car lost forward momentum (rpms seemed to stay constant?) and it felt almost like the brakes were applied but it wasn't that sudden - definatlely felt like a loss of power lasted under a second. Happened again about a mile later-exact same symptoms. Get onto the highway and going 70mph and big time loss of power - again it was very brief - but this time there was a sound, kind of like a ping - like something hitting a piece of metal. Drove another 20 miles and nothing else happened.

This has me completely stumped, no idea what the ping noise was and how it could be related....maybe a bushing binding up and finally it released tension? My bushings are all in really rough shape. Will get under the car this weekend and see if there is anything visible.
maybe, car has 104k miles and I have spill and fill changed the ATF with the recommended Mercon V at least 4 times. These transmissions are generally known to be strong.
Have you replaced air filters recently?

If airflow is restricted it could also cause brief losses in power
Just wild guessing but those are known for the throttle body motor going bad if it's a drive by wire. I had to replace mine in my 2010 4.6 GT automatic.