Looking some tips/tricks for a car that just sits.

Jun 25, 2009
Our 2016 Jetta just sits on the street. In the past 6 months, its been driven 250 miles. I live in the city so no garage spot, no battery tender or anything. Its out in the elements.

I'm completely WFH and when we do go out, we take the kids with in the Tiguan.

I’m guessing I will be an annual oil change on it, Battery is newer. Factory tires might be starting to dry rot as well.

Is there anything I can do to keep animals and rodents out?
Spray peppermint oil under the front end/engine compartment. I was thinking of doing this after seeing damage to my friend's wiring on his truck. Start and drive it once a month and get the engine good and warmed up. and put a solar battery maintainer on it when parked. fuel stabilizer would be a good idea
Agree with above: sell and invest. Capital costs plus taxes, tags, ins etc. can buy a lot of rental cars, taxis/Uber etc.

If you’re intent on keeping, I would add: slightly over inflate tires to avoid flat spots. Hose down all visible tire surfaces with armor all to prevent dry rot and uv damage
Any reason you keep a $15,000 car you hardly ever use? If you like the security of a backup car, replace it with $2-3,000 beater that isn't depreciating.
My wfh can change within a months notice. We started in April and some back and forth.

Plus we just had a new born. So we are staying home more. Spring time might change everything.

Car is paid in full. No issues. So I rather keep in case work changes their mind. Also daycare schedules for the toddler but it’s only 2 miles away.

I think next year they car will be used 3-5k annually.