Looking for Love

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Jan 26, 2012
Hawkinsville Ga
Jim and his brother Fred were heading to the beach for a few days of vacation. Jim has always had good luck with the ladies while brother Fred could barely get a woman to speak to him. Upon arrival at the beach, Fred asked Jim for help in possibly picking up some female companionship. Jim said "Fred, why don't you do what I do to attract attention to myself? Stick a potato in your swim trunks and I guarantee the women will come running." Later that evening Jim returned to their room and found Fred sitting in the semi-dark looking disgusted. Jim asked Fred "well, how did it go? Did the women come running?" Fred replied "sure, they were running.....the other way!" About that time, Fred stood up and Jim, looking at Fred in astonishment, said "the next time, you might want to put the potato in the front!"
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