looking for Fram EG cut and post

Jul 14, 2020
I am looking to find pictures of a used Fram extra guard. Seems there are lots of pictures of the ultras, and even the tough guard, but not the extra guard. At least not that I have found. I would like to see one that is of the newer variety, that has the silicon anti drain back valve.
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This engine has a reputation for destroying oil filters not built well enough. Apparently Frams with fiber endcaps work just fine 🧡
Thanks guys for the C&P of these filters, especially the 3600, as that is the one I am considering using. Sure looks good to me, and since I will probably not put more than 2000 miles on in a years time, I will probably change it every time since it is so cheap.
Nothing really wrong with the Fram EG ... been many cut & posts here showing they hold up just fine. The silicone ADBV is a plus, and the efficiency is good too.