Local store is like an oil 'museum'.....

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Sep 8, 2005
There is an auto-parts store and engine shop close to me (Benson Auto Parts) that I swear is like a 'museum' of strange and rarely-seen oils. I was in there on Friday looking for some LubeGuard Red (they have it!), and I checked out the oil section...Whoa, talk about selection you don't find elsewhere... 4 quarts of API-SJ(!) Pennzoil 'semi-synthetic' oil, that I remember selling at WM when I worked at one in the 1990's; 2 quarts of ND 20W-20 oil; 1 quart of QS 'Enhanced Durability' 'Winter blend' 5W-30 - I thought QS had stopped making this oil, but no, this was brand-new SN stuff! About 10 quarts of QS 'Enhanced Durability' 15W-40 HDEO - seriously, who new QS made a semi-syn 15W-40??? A TON of GM EOS supplement; A 5-litre jug of Quartz 9000 0W-30 full-syn oil; Lots of Pennzoil Gold syn-blend, all grades, all API SN stuff. I could go on, but you get the picture. most stores here only stock what sells, but where does all the 'odd ball' stuff go? I know this doesn't 'matter' (unless you live near me), but it was neat to see a lot of 'oddball' oils that you hear about, but never run across..... Cheers!
Yeah, the store actually has pretty well the full-line of Quartz oils, I was just suprised to see a 5-litre jug of the 0W-30, a bit of an 'odball'grade.
A bit - it's a straight 20-weight oil that ALSO meets the cold-cranking values for a '20W' oil, like a 20W-50 would. There is a whole thread on 20W-20 from a while ago..I'll see if I can find it.
Live on border in Buffalo, NY. Googled Benson and many locations in Canada. If I ever get my border documents I might do a store walk thru.
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