lithium grease or moly grease , will mobil 1 synth

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Jul 24, 2010
Hi Im about to replace a steering wheel shifter, that broke off my brother 03 ford explorer , I bought a replacement and the part say to use lithium or moly grease the shaft before install.

I have some mobil 1 synthetic grease ( red color ) , will this meet this requirement ?

I also have a can of multi purpose wheel bearing grease ( kinda dark green/brown looking ), that I bought from advance auto part, i forgot the name, will this be ok.

thanks !! btw, just want make sure, is this mobil 1 synthetic grease having either moly or lithium in it ?
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Originally Posted By: Mackelroy
From what I've seen Mobil 1 grease liquefies over time, It would be a last resort choice, I see little use for it in anything.

then what do you recommend for chassis lube ?
M1 is a lthium complex grease. Have heard a lot about it running/liquifying over time but I have a tube that has been usedA LOT for misc greasing including threads and wheel bearings over the past couple years with good results.

Couple years back I put a dollop of M1 grease as well as trifloe synthetic waterproof grease in seperate bottles of water and left in garage. To this day neither shows any signs of break down- but of course they are just sitting there, no shearing and not being "worked."
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