Liquid Wrench any good?

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Mar 16, 2003
My local Advance Auto has it on sale so I bought the Silicon Spray, Lubrication oil spray, and the Spray grease spray. Figured I'd try out all 3 and see how they work. Which would be the best for car door hinges and gerage door wheels? Anyone know about this brand and its lubes?
I've had good luck with the liquid form of LW helping separate some very corroded stuff. I'm not a fan of aerosol penetrants in a lot of applications.
Liquid Wrench was the only penetrating oil we ever used when I was growing up. Its very good, IMO equivalent to PB Blaster and Seafoam penetrating oils. Kroil is better than all of them, but the ready availability of LW and PB make them the ones I use most often. LW's silicone lubricant is also pretty good, but not necessarily any better than any other brand
On your original question, I would suggest that you use the recommended LUBRICANT on garage doors and car doors. I generally use white lithium grease, including aerosol varieties, for this purpose. Liquid Wrench and PB Blaster are loaded with solvents, which generally means they should be used when you need to clean, remove stuck nuts, get rid of some rust. For me, PB Blaster is the go-to for these purposes. And for the record, this is not an either/or. You should have all of these products close at hand (+ WD 40) imo.
PB Blaster has saved me more times than I can count. That's not to say there aren't comparable products, but I've got a few cans I'll keep using.
The Liguid Wrench Silicon spray says it is good for car door hinges and safe for the paint. I'll probably use it on my car.
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