Liqui Moly Oil Saver Question

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May 13, 2010
A few months ago, I purchased a 2009 Cadillac DTS from my grandfather to have as a 3rd car / share with a soon to be 16 year old driver. It has approximately 45K miles on it. I noticed it had a small oil leak after it had sat for a few days. The oil was changed at the dealer (M1 5W-30, 7.5qt sump) a few months prior to me buying the car and it had been driven only a few hundred miles since the oil change. I added a can of Liqui Moly Oil Saver and the oil leak disappeared within 2 tanks of gas. The car does not and did not burn any oil. My question. Would it be wise to add a can of Oil Saver with every oil change from now on, or is one time use sufficient since the leak has stopped? With the low use this car gets, it appears as if the oil will be changed about every 18-20 months with somewhere between 4K and 10K for the OCI (with either M1 or Castrol Edge). Thanks in advance for your input.
The product label says to use it all the time, if your seals leak its not a bad idea. I am using the product for the first time and have no opinion of how well it works.
If your not burning, why not try a high milage oil instead of additives? They're supposed to do the same exact job by swelling the seals. M1 has a high milage variant try that if M1 worked nicely in that car.
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Agreed with what voltmaster said, go with M1 high mileage. When I had my car leaving oil drops on the ground, I started to replace one thing at a time. Valve cover seal and bolt o-rings, spark plugs, oil sensor, pcv valve, oil reservoir gasket. Well it no longer leaves oil stains on the ground.
Great stuff. Once the leak is gone I've found that half doses will suffice. You also get the added bonus of added TBN when using motor oil saver which can extend the oci.
My front crank seal leaks a little and its getting the belts dirty. It requires removing the radiator and a whole lot of work to replace a $5 oil seal. If this Oil Saver stuff works, why go to the trouble of tearing the car apart? I do have the seal on hand, but wanted to see if this Oil Saver will take care of the problem without working all day for free.
If I didn't want to actually repair the leak I would use it only if a HM oil didn't stop the leak.
Thank you all. Leaning toward continued use at 1/2 bottle per OCI or using straight up HM oil. I bought the car on a shoe string budget and a good deal, and would rather not pay a dealership or a mechanic to fix a small leak that seems to have been remedied by the Oil Saver. I'm somewhat handy, but I am not going to perform any maintenance on this car myself other than oil, fluids, filters, etc. Anything other than that will need to be done by a professional. I'm not going to lie. The Northstar engine scares me just a bit.
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