Lincoln CPO vehicle with accident history?

So multiple dealerships have been helpful. The Carfax history on this vehicle reports that it's been serviced and repaired and routine maintenance performed at a Lincoln dealership in Jacksonville Florida.
I reached out to the dealership in Jacksonville. I told him I was interested in purchasing the vehicle I told him it had history of things service there I told him it had a history of a reported rear end collision. I provide them the VIN number and ask them if they could check the records for me.

The service record and the bill for the collision center for this vehicle totaled $970 in 2018. Seem like the lower rear facial is broken on the bumper It was replaced some scratches scuff marks buffed out and the bumper repainted.

In today's world $970 in collision repairs is minor.
With that report I would have no issues buying that vehicle.
For example...Not reported.
My Buick

Based off what you said I would not be concerned.