Lawn Boy Running Issue / Please help if you can

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Feb 21, 2005
This is a 2 stroke model: 8241AE made in 1985. Anyway im having issues at high speed. It acts like it starves for gas. I just did alot of maintenance on it and its got me stumped. Here is a list of thigs I have done recently: new plug, air filter, cleaned exhaust ports, fairly decent cleaning of carb. Anyway i just picked up this unit from an fellow that had it in storage for 9 years. He cleaned the carb and got the mower running before i got there, once I got it home I gave it the once over and yearly maintenance. Here are some of the simptoms: 1) Mower runs great on low speed. 2) On high speed setting mower seems to idle fine but once moved around tends to start surging like its running out of gas. 3) if you tilt mower or go up a hill the it acts like its going to stall out.

I am going to go over all of the jets tonight and see what I can do there. Float looks like its working fine, the motor definitly never floods out.

Thanks all for your help.

I've had to got through carberators more than once or twice to get it really clean before.
Some carb cleaners aren't worth much.
Even 'Gumout' is pretty weak these days.
Go through carb again, pay particular attention to the high speed circuits.
And yes,the float could be bad.
I've had trouble with inlet needle and seat before too.
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