Kohler charging issues

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Feb 22, 2012
Kalamazoo, Michigan, US
I have a recently resurrected/rebuilt K341AS Kohler in my C165 Wheel Horse that runs great. However, it is not charging. The original stator measured .6 Ohms and output was 14 volts ac so I replaced it and the voltage regulator at the same time. Now I have 15.5 volts ac at the stator leads and .3 ohms but still no charging at the regulator output. What gives? When I removed the flywheel to disassemble the engine three of the magnets fell out so I glued them back in. Could I have possibly installed the magnets incorrectly? Am I looking at getting another flywheel?
I just went through something similar on my IH 782 (Kohler KT17). I believe you are supposed to get >~28VAC off the alternator to the regulator, but before you go back into your flywheel, I would check the obvious, simple and cheap; regulator connections and ground to engine, engine ground to frame and (my case) connections on back of ignition switch.

Good luck.
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