Klutch tools

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Mar 15, 2013
I've bought a few of northern tools products (klutch) always been happy with them. But where could I find out who actually made them? Specifically their air tools. They have some impacts that resemble ir and some that resemble air cat. I wonder for part purposes since if something falls it may be able to find it from the actual company vs searching klutch parts .
What's the country of origin? China: Probably the same people as HF. Tiawan: Probably the same people as GearWrench. FWIW, I've heard their warranty exchanges are a pain in the butt. Have you had any issues?
We use their big wrenches (1-3/8" up to 2"), punches, prybars, and a couple oddities here and there in an industrial environment. Can't say I've ever had any problems with them. Although I don't think we've had problems with any of the cheaper brand large wrenches (I.E. Harbor Freight). Kinda hard to mess up those.
I have also wondered about Northern's warranty and parts availability, that said I have a few Klutch 1/2 impact socket sets and have thoroughly beat the snot out of them with no issues. My most recent delivery is an SAE deep impact set that had no COO (country of origin) on the package or website. I will say this set looks a lot like the Gearwrench 3/8 set I own with roll stamped sizes, smooth finish, full profile, and laser etching. Too bad I have all the sets I can use, wish my older Klutch sets looked like these new ones. If anyone gets a new set please post if they have the sizes roll stamped. I agree with dlundblad, Taiwan or China, just like everyone else.
Had Northern chainsaw sharpener parts on back-order for almost a year before I gave up and cancelled. I'm in no hurry to buy anything from that company that is specific to them.
One of my go-to ratchets is my 1/2 in Klutch ratchet Had a mechanic take a look at it and he said it looks and feels identical to an SK ratchet he's used before. Not sure what that's worth, but the ratchet has been great for me for the last few years.
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