Keyloggers. It has begun...

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll

Next time I pry open a newer laptop, I'm going to inspect it for a Keylogger. I opened up my HP Pavilion zv6000 that I purchased in mid '05 and it had nothing like what this guy describes inside.

Perhaps only a handful were made with this contraption on it? Don't know. Would be interesting to see how many people have, or don't have, this device in their laptop computers.
This is old news brotha... the masses are just now finding out, but will never believe.
If I were them, I'd install a software version that routinely uploads via the user's internet connection. That way I wouldn't have to retrieve the laptop to download the data.... let alone pay for the hardware.

Most end users are not deft enough to stop preinstalled services...
The only reason the rumour persists is by the sad fact that Americans believe their government WOULD do something like that to them, yet at the same time refuse to believe it HAS happened.

a piece of software is easily discovered and then that info would be spread across the internet so fast it would make your head spin, hardware inside a laptop is much harder to discover. Not only because you have to rip your laptop apart, but because no one rips their laptop apart! memory is upgraded by opening a slot under the laptop so there would be no reason to open it.
I agree with our governments efforts against those that would destroy us if given the chance. I believe this is the focus. I don't believe that our government is on a mission to limit our freedoms, but, to insure our freedoms.

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Pablo - Come on man, just having some fun. The point remains that the reason these kind of romours persist is the fact that people believe their government would do such a thing to it's own people... that's one thing that is factual.
There's a lot more misinformation than information when it comes to computers. Good to know we can file this in the misinformation side of things.

I didn't try to spread any internet crud, was just taken aback when I read it. I didn't research it, just took it as I read it. I'm glad this is as real as a $3 bill.
OK Zee1 sorry - I took the tone of your first post as serious

Yes a TON of Bee esS out there - combining computers and politics can be very dangerous!
Nice site Pablo!! I'm new here and was interested in Oil and filters. But.. am pretty versed at comptuers and internet as well. Built the 8 comptuer at the winery where I work. Plus, we have Hughes satellite at work and at home, networked.

Sometimes keyloggers can come disguised as harmless background pictures people find on the net wor their desktop. AND/or they slip in as someone downloads and uses a screen saver withouth fully checking out the site or the screen saver. Good protection in adware and spyware programs are never a useless program to have running on your computer. I wish more of the folks I've fixed computers for had up to date virus software and up to date spyware programs running as well. and KEEP OFF those wierd sites like "" J/K
BTW How do I set the notification for replies to threads? I went to my "profile" and tried to set the "edit preferences" but it always takes me back to the "edit profile" page. Glitch?
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