Kelly Tires really?


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Jan 14, 2011
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Our next door neighbor is a widow in her 70s. We help her out with things as much as she'll let us. She has an 07 Fusion with 45k on it that her husband bought new. He had no mechanical skills so had all maintenance done at the dealer but did his research and didn't let them upsell him (she says). She told me she was taking it in for her annual service and I asked her what that was. Probably an oil change and check it over. She said she hoped they won't tell her it needs new tires, they're 6 years old. She drives 2k a year and the car spends 99% of it's life in the garage. She never leaves town and it probably only sees 60 when she takes her 30 minute drive once a month on my recommendation. Told her she absolutely does not need new tires this year. She came home with new Kelly tires. The service writer told her he wouldn't guarantee she wouldn't have a blow out on the 12 mile drive home on these dangerous 6 year old tires and scared her into new tires. It upsets me that they do this but it is what it is, I told her what I thought. I guess she feels she has to trust the professional.

Kelly tires? Does anyone buy Kelly tires on purpose? Are they any good? Not that it matters much at 2k or less a year.

The rest of the story on this annual service visit will raise your blood pressure as well but one thing at at time.
They're okay...they seem to get some pretty good reviews, strangely enough. If I had like a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix or Impala, I wouldn't think twice about putting Kelly's on them.
Why didn't you go with her?

She said no thanks. She worries that we help her too much and she can't reciprocate. You can only do what you can.

You've never heard of them so you just assume they're trash?
Assumed nothing and yes I've heard of them. Kelly isn't a brand that's mentioned much, certainly not a highly recommended brand in the "what tire" threads here.

Sounds like they're an okay low cost tire.
I don't have a high opinion of them--but for this job, they're fine, as would be most anything black and round. Might as well be cheap, as they will age out, and the user won't capitalize on anything better.

Not sure if 6 years that they were that old though.
Kelly tires? Does anyone buy Kelly tires on purpose? Are they any good? Not that it matters much at 2k or less a year.
Kelly tires have been around for years. I recall them as Kelly Springfield. They were offered at local service stations, some department stores, and as a low-cost alternative of full-service tire shops.

They are now marketed as Kelly Tires, and have been a subsidiary of Goodyear for quite some time. You may even find the tires listed on Goodyear's website.

They're not a top-tier product, but they are just about perfect for the needs of your neighbor. Whether she needed them or not is another issue. IMO, a 6 year old tire is at or near the end of its safe service life.
I remember them back when they were Consolidated Tire and Rubber. I had a set on an old horse-drawn hay wagon. Along about 1914 when I got my first whisker they renamed the company Kelly-Springfield and the rest is history. Today they're part of the GoodYear conglomerate and they're sold to little old ladies who only drive a few thousand miles each year.
I've known Kelly Tires for as long as I've been driving or dealing with cars and always considered them good tires. Are they higher-end like Michelin, Goodyear, etc ? No, nor do they need to be. Go to Goodyear's website, put in a 2007 Fusion and even Goodyear includes their Kelly Edge A/S as one of their recommendations. Our daughter's Civic that we bought used had almost-brand new Kelly Edge tires on it that I have no reason to touch/replace.