Katrina's Dance Card

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Jan 16, 2003
Southern California
It just occurred to me that, given the devestation wrought Monday, and the considerable refining and blending activity immediately around and beyond the New Orleans area, will we be seeing some interruptions and pricing increases in motor oil, additive, and general petroleum products availability in the near future? Not trying to start a panic, but for those who like to be prepared, better us BITOGers than the great unwashed masses.
Yes we have had it seems monthly base oil increases and one coming the next month with more on the way for sure. stock up
There is very little doubt in my mind that we will be seeing spot shortages and overall price increases in motor oil. Needless to say we'll also be seeing it in building materials as well.

It'll be interesting to see how high gasoline and natural gas prices climb over the next few weeks. The photos of drilling rigs washed up on shore kind of tell it all.
I'm not too concerned about the price of motor oil. Gas is so high now (and headed higher) that I can't afford to put the miles on the car that call for an oil change later on.
Hopefully the Bush administration's decision to tap into the SPR's will keep the price of gas & motor oil at or near the current level.
Well I stocked up on enough of my favorite locally available oils to service every vehicle once or twice.

And I think I'll store 100 gallons of fuel.

After going through a few oil shortages, I know that if the aftermath of Katrina causes some oil supply problems and price increases.... that it will probably pass after a few weeks or months of minor inconvenience.
the real-world demand for lubricants (outside the BITOG-world that is...) is a small fraction of the demand for fuels. The increases in price for lubs will be mostly due to the cost of crude, and not impacted by refinery capacity which is tending to drive the price of fuel.
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