It's Time to Switch Over

Well, the two-run test is over with the Red Line 5-W 30 on the '95 LeSabre 3800. The UOA's weren't bad, but I'm just itchin' to see the wear numbers that come up with the GC. I have a healthy little stash of the 04 batch [Big Grin] and plan to run it for 6 mo (aprox 10,000 km) and do UOA. This is the same interval as the RL. Filter will be the same (Baldwin). The antifreeze problem has been solved so I'm mainly interested in the lead and iron numbers, which in my mind seemed a little high. Cheers Bry [Canada]
[Cheers!] Good luck. Can't wait to see the UOA after the switch. I'm waiting to switch over as well, and I'm building my little stash up as we speak. Just hit up another AZ on my lunch break, and hit an untapped source. No less than 14 qts of 04 are sitting in my trunk, which totals to 28 overall [Big Grin] . Sadly though, one of the bottles of 04 was injured in the trip over to the States, and it had a leak in it. I didn't want to leave it behind, and I know we have a "leave no man behind" policy, but by the time I would have got around to using it, it would have been an empty bottle, with The Green soaking into my floor [Frown] ... I hated to see it get stuck back in the rack with the yellow labels.