It all started when I "pulled a Gary..."

My wife's '95 Explorer used to get 12.5mpg. She drives it less than three miles to work and back, so it didn't regularly get fully warmed up. She had the oil changed every 3,000 miles (or whenever the OCI computer in the Explorer told her to), but when I married her last year, this SUV with 95,000 miles on it was running poorly. Then I read how Gary put one quart of MMO and two quarts of ATF in 20 gallons of gas, and did it for two tanks, and the inside of his engine (the combustion chambers) was really cleaned up. I did this on my wife's Explorer. It began to run better, and then I bought FP and ARX and began to use those religiously in the Explorer. I'm now on the first rinse phase of ARX, and the Explorer now has about 113,000 miles on it. Awhile ago, I put in new plugs and plug wires. And now, under the exact same driving conditions, it is getting 16mpg. This SUV has one of those trip computers, so we know the mileage pretty accurately. When I changed the plugs and wires the mileage increased about 1mpg. The big leap came toward the last few hundred miles of the first ARX cleaning phase. I now have a sample of the oil in for analysis by Terry Dyson, through Blackstone, so it'll be interesting to see how the engine is doing after all this. Stay tuned! [Happy]
[Off Topic!] You do realize that you are only encouraging Gary to use his gifted imagination on those experiments others consider madness, don't you? [LOL!]

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Originally posted by Ugly3: Gary does not need any encouragement!
Agreed... but he's been slacking off recently; I'm guessing that he (like me [Eek!] ) has gotten teased by friends and neighbors, and berated by his spouse for his devotion to "our" cause. But he fights the good fight!  -