Is semi-synthetic 10W-40 still a thing?

Jun 3, 2003
BC, Canada
I like it because it has a higher HTHS and KV100 than most of the 0w/5w40s, though I'll probably just stick to 15w40s in the warmer months from now on. No reason to use a 0/5W winter rating if it's hot as balls outside. Delo semisynthetic 15w40 is $14 a gallon. Hard to beat that.
That and Delo synthetic 15W40 meets API CK-4/SN+, MTU 3.1, ACEA E6, E9 and a bunch of other manufacture approvals.
I have Delo 5w40 in one of my 6.6L Duramax.
Pet-Can Duron 10W40 CK-4 is going in a 2018 L5P in December. Duron 10w40 also comes in E6 mid saps with a BN of 13.
I have no use for conventional 5w30s and 10w40.

Lytton, BC hit 49.6C on June 29th. That's about 121F in the old money. Last Jan, I saw -42C at Hinton, Alberta. That's where 0WXX comes into play.