Is Royal Purple pao/ester?

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I'd like to know the exact breakdown of their base oil too. PRRPLL has graciously offered to send me some free Royal Purple 5w30 to test out in my wife's 2000 Civic! I will run her current batch of Mobil 1 SJ TriSynthetic out to 5k (this should happen in late Nov I estimate) and then I'll run the first batch of RP to 5k, and the second batch even higher. Of course, I will be sending all samples to Terry for analysis. Stay tuned!

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From the other thread:
". However, since the refineries are being forced by the government to remove the contaminants in the fuels (sulfurs, heavy metal, etc.), the newer oils do not require the amount of TBN that they did say 5 years ago. Running an oil that is “over based” with higher levels of TBN than required could result in increased valve deposits and ring deposits."

I thought this was a result of GF3 and SL compliance instead of fuel related in the lower TBN ? Leaking injectors,short trips are still a problem no matter how good or bad the gas is

About Royal Purple. I have not seen a analysis with the oil used in a engine that was not near brutal on a oil. I think it is probably a very good oil and would be interested in seeing a result from it used in a motor that did not tend to shred a oil like a paper shreader on Capitol Hill.
Prior to the coming of this board I spoke with a Royal Purple Rep on two different occasions about a needed lubricant,he was very friendly and almost was a open page as far as info on the products we spoke about,,much friendlier and helpfull than some others I have done business with,or rather will not do business with again as in buying and using their oils

You know,this is off topic as can be but I believe many expect too much out of these oils available to us. Good wear control and whatever drain interval per application/use to keep the engine in top shape is where it's at for me.Running a oil until it is near dead then changing and pouring new oil only to be contaminated by the old does not make sense to me

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Of course, I will be sending all samples to Terry for analysis. Stay tuned!

I'll be posting analysis on the RP Racing 21 formula, which is supposed to be close to a 5W30, in a few months, and I'd be interested to see how it compares to their street formula.
Ken4 stick with the Castrol RS synthetic 10w-50, your Toyota has to be one of the cleanest samples I have seen !

Royal Purple is a small blender and as such has ALOT to lose if others steal their unique formulation. We don't pay them enough to give away their secrets fellow lube guys.

As far as what I think about their formula,it is both of the named bases. With extra adds to make a very good oil.
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