Is it OK to pull out power steering filter?

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Mar 28, 2009
I am replacing the PS fluid in my Isuzu Axiom using a turkey baster. The PS reservoir has a semi-permanent filter (same design as in Isuzu Rodeo and Trooper). With in in place I could get only 2 oz of fluid out. I ended up pulling it with needle-node pliers by gently squeezing the tabs. It popped right out. I siphoned 12 oz of old PS fluid with it being out of way. I'll need to do it at least 3 more time before I am comfortable with how fresh fluid is.
Has anyone else done removed that filter? I do not want to damage it with repeated removals, since Isuzu does not list it as a separate part#. I'd have to buy the whole PS reservoir, if the filter gets damaged.

BTW I replacing 7-year, 52K mile Dexrone 3 fluid with Mobil 1 Mercon V Synthetic ATF (recommended for GM and Ford transmissions made before 2005 and for Dex 3 power steering fluid).

Your fine. I've been using M1 ATF in PS units since M1 PS fluid came out. As you I use a turkey baster to remove fluid at every OC. Never lost a PS unit.
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Does your PS unit have a screen/filter?

If it does I'm not aware of it.
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