Interesting ACDelco article with good pics

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I have heard of the anti drain-back rubber coming apart on aftermarket oil filters in the Acadia 3.6 engine and causing issues, I wonder if that is a picture of one?
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Cool, but kinda dumb they show a E-core Valvoline that is exactly the same as the E-core Delco construction coming apart.
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Yeah, I'd really like to know what brand of filter that adbv came off of.

I'll give you a hint: the 4-letter F-word
I believe this has been posted here before as I remember some of the odd things about points being made.

The single pass efficiency rating listed is not the industry standard ISO test. Not saying it's necessarily bad (or good) but no point of reference to ISO 4548-12 which is the industry standard and a multi-pass test. And it shows the 'classic' ACD design not the ecore now used in may applications. But Amsoil has tested one ACDelco and it tested in the 93-94%@20um range which is very respectable.

The faulty adbv is actually a 'combo valve' looking very similar to the Wix 'made for' design. Considering many GM have an engine block bypass the combo valve wouldn't be needed. Just an adbv on many GM filter apps. But perhaps it's an application that didn't have a block bypass.

And the last picture is of an ecore, looking similar to one posted by here by a member. The irony is, while perhaps it isn't an ACDelco, ACDelco also uses an ecore, unless you find the application in the 'classic' metal end cap design.
Looks to me like they found engines who's owners seriously neglected them and used that as a reason to buy AC Delco. I doubt the AC Delco would have held up any better for that length of time.

On a side note, that crumbled ADBV must have seen a lot of heating and cooling cycles!
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