Info On Quaker State HDX Universal

Alabama, United States
I have not found very much information on this oil at all, other than it may have been very close in formulation to Shell Rimula toward the end of it's production. I'm interested in VOA's, MSDS sheets; anything that may speak of it's add pack. I'd also be interested in acquiring a few gallons of it. I've seen it was offered as multi grade 15W-40 and mono grade 30 and 40. I'd be using most of it, maybe collecting a quart or two, and am not picky of the age as long as it meets at least API specs for 1992, which was SG/CF or SH/CG, correct? Also, this isn't a recommendation post. I'm well aware of the availability of current spec HDEO's, I'm just doing this for fun. It would be run in a TBI 7.4 Litre V8. Thanks.