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Oct 3, 2008
The windshield on my truck was never replaced, and after repairing chips in it for 10 years, I decided I would just replace it. So I took it into this "reputable" shop, which supposedly has a name for decent installations.

Last year I installed a Gentex auto dim rearview mirror on my truck, because I was sick of having the flip the day/night mirror every now and then. Got a brand new one for Chrysler applications on eBay, and that was the best $70 I spent.
Anyhow, the OEM mirror was mounted to the roof and the Gentex one I retro-fitted is attached to the windshield. Prior to getting the windshield replaced, I stopped by the Mitsubishi/Chrysler dealer I deal with and bought a new Mopar wire cover, and button to fix the mirror to the glass. I somehow felt I needed the button, because the one I glued wasn't going to come off easily.

I take it into the shop, and they did seem rather professional at first. I told the installers my mirror was attached to the glass, and gave them the wire cover and the button. I reckoned they would apply heat to the button to come off the glass. Instead, the guy took a giant scrapper and smashed it into the button to remove the mirror. Inevitably, there was glass still on the button and I was of the "Oh well, at least I provided them with a new one" mindset.

The other guy then took my mirror and went away. Instead of using the button I purchased, he was "machining" the glass off the old button, still mounted to the mirror!
In the process, he managed to skim off a few millimetres off the mirror's mounting button as well!
The company didn't take responsibility for it, either...even though I told them I provided them with a brand new one. They didn't even take responsibility for the deep scratch on my roof from prying off the chrome adornments. I had to remove the mirror off the bracket, get it machined so both sides match and paint it in black. Also had to get part of my roof painted.

Maybe I'm being quite fussy, but even if I'm provided with a free windshield and free installation, I don't think I'm ever going to replace it unless I absolutely have to.
All the other places I've been to were absolutely reckless, and it took me a good while to find out about this place through word of mouth. Quite possibly, nobody else cares for such imperfections and that's why they reckon this place was so "great".
Could have been better off biting the bullet and paying an additional $290 to get it replaced at the dealer.
We have a sorta the same thing here, except that it's punishment for being extra careful with the instructions.

Well, we'll show him!!

I forget what the commercial was for ..but it showed a car salesman telling a customer at the time of purchase (imagine cultured French accent) "I will take care of any problem immediately".

Later when the car was towed in, the same man is the service manager ..telling the same customer (now imagine heavy Brooklyn accent) "We have all kinds of cars with all kinds of problems, pal" as he tosses the key in a big jar of keys ..he then answers the phone, "Bonjour"
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One of the reasons I don't trust anyone but myself or my dad to touch my vehicle!

I don't even trust my dad, he once try to replace a bumper with a piece of 2x4.
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One of the reasons I don't trust anyone but myself or my dad to touch my vehicle!

I don't even trust my dad, he once try to replace a bumper with a piece of 2x4.

Once my dad purposely yanked all the spark plug wires off the coils when I was tuning the car up. Spent half an hour figuring which wire went where.

To the OP: Sorry to hear that. I hate how people are incompetent at what they do for a living.
I am my Dad's well as others.

I took after his Dad who could fix anything. I am the only one in the immediate family close to him in ability. He passed away about the time I was getting close graduating High School.

I was not able to learn from my Gramps.......
My dad has taught me a lot and I was actually thinking to write the licensing tests for a mechanics certification as I could have someone who owns a shop and has been a long time friend of my dads and who apprenticed under my dad, vouch for my skills and time spent doing mechanical work so I could get past the apprenticeship hours requirement.

I was thinking just to have the license so that if one day I find myself unemployed I always have that to fall back on with my trucking license.
Written tests or professionial schooling for auto/truck mechanics is all well and good, but I think that there is a lot of sixth sense and 'feel' involved in being a REAL mechanic.
The rest are little more that parts changers.
I work at a dealership,and we are the agent for screen repairs - we don't do the repairs,the class company in the nearest city does them,we just organise the appointments.Sometimes I'll give the guy a hand if he needs 2 people to fit the glass....I've never seen them stuff it up yet,even on my old '89 Pajero.
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