If There Is No More GC, then It's No Castrol At All!

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Sep 21, 2004
Atlanta, Ga.
Pep Boys, Advance & O'Reilly's don't carry GC. Just Auto Zone here in Atlanta. I was in getting the Gold this week (I think Green is gone in this city), and the check-out goober made a comment that this was a slow seller (go figure
), and he had heard that it might be discontinued BY CASTROL! Please tell me that no one else has heard this!!!

I have no love of Castrol as a company, after they played "hookwink" synthetics with their American brews. If they ever cancel their Green/Gold Euro visa... I'll be back to the color Purple

Would anyone else jump ship
If GC was discontinued, I would be in the same life raft as you.

I'd try the wide variety of other synthetics out there. But I would raid every AutoZone for Gold GC first!
This needs to be confirmed before it turns into an internet rumor. Chances are that the goober is just a goober.
If the goober is right, I've found something I like almost as well, Pennzoil Platinum. Seems to be very nice...it ain't no GC, mind you, but, it's a fine oil. And, like the original poster, I'm GC (Green or Gold) or no Castrol.
If that were to happen I'm wondering how much trouble it would be to buy the "good Castrol" overseas and have it shipped to me! It might be worth it - Castrol is good oil over there. Anyone care to estimate the costs?
d v,

Don't think you want to go there (no pun intended). I estimate you will pay about $276 for a 12 pack (unless you can find a way to get around outside NA prices) and for shipping (I used Germany as the source): Global Express Mail™ (EMS) 3 - 5 Days $100.75
Airmail Parcel Post 4 - 10 Days $85.65
Economy (Surface) Parcel Post 4 - 6 Weeks $37.90

While they appreciate your loyalty, the Elves don't recommend you do it.

If GC were no longer available I would move over to the oil produced by their French cousins: ELF. If that were not available, I would have to go M1 but I would not be happy about that. I would have gone Pennzoil Euro Formula if it were still Pennzoil and not re-packaged Shell.
i dont think castrol would have gone through the cost of the reformula from green to gold just to D/C it a few months later?
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