I will drink no wine before its time!

Love that site. Glad it's still around after all these years. MD 20/20 is somethin else.
3 out of 5 know of them glad when i was 18 such wine would never of touched my lips. Well not to many times. What about Boones farm, Annie greensprings,Ripple Pagen pink and wine coolers.
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I was chatting with my oldest brother recently on my spouses recently discovered appreciation of fine Vodka. We don't usually drink but thanks to recent worldly events, that's changed. Regardless, I mentioned Stoli as our preferred Vodka. He said that's too fancy and expensive. He then mentioned how some of his friends have been known to consume dollar store rubbing alcohol when they need their "fix". crzy
Used to like good old MD 20/20 in the early 70's when I was living in Colorado. Good stuff on a cold snowy evening..
Glad to know Mad Dog and TBird are still there from my teenage years-- I'm 75. In the mid-sixties five of us each bought a fifth of it and headed over to the nearby South Dakota pit dance hall. Nine miles to Ruskin Park, two of my compatriots couldn't take it and I downed my bottle and a good part of their's on the road trip. Got up on the stage and 'rassled some idiot from another town while the band did this classic in honor of South Milwaukee's finest athlete: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvBN3C2wepY
My all time favorite till it was gone, from my youth thru my NAVY days, big seller in the NAVY clubs overseas. cheers

Thunderbird Apple wine and Mad Dog 20/20 were our go to cheap drinks in high school and the few years after. Haven't had that stuff since! Turn 21 and then buy the booze you really want, not what's cheapest and most potent.
I found a place still selling Cisco a month ago, so you know I had to pick it up. The only other one worth dabbling in is NightTrain and it's really not that good. Love that this site has survived. There were others and maybe some could use the wayback machine to share.