I need help with blending.

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Aug 28, 2011
I have 2 5qt. Jugs of QSUD 5W-20 that I would like to use in a motor that calls for 5W-30. The system totals 5qt. I was thinking about using Rotella T6 5W-40 to bring the QSUD up to 5W-30 level, something like 3qt QSUD and 2qt. T6. Is there a chart somewhere that will show the correct mixture ? I would be happy to hear any ideas you my have for mixing this 5W-20 to get a nice 5W-30 blend. Thanks.
Make sure you get one of those painters sticks to stir it up real good! wink
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If they are in your area check at Ollie's, here they have QSUD in quarts at $4.00... I picked up some 0W-20 & 5W-40 to blend a 10.9 cSt 30W using a 60/40 ratio, will be easy as it's a 5qt sump... BTW, they didn't have any 5W-30, or I would have bought that...
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