I got a "new" truck

You should start a youtube channel, must have been "entertaining" to talk to a guy trying to sell a truck with that amount of junk in it? I think I'd get a trailer hitch and trailer for the prius but to each their own!
One app of the truck is to tow my loaded tow dolly, so it has to be full-size. This will do better than the f150 with 2.73 gears and that stupid tall 1st gear in the mazda 5-speed. The Curt hitch is rusted right out, but another is just $100. I was freaking out that it was part of the frame until I saw the bolts. LOL
A truck don't have to be pretty to work... and you won't be needing my advice on how to get good cheap tires on there. smile Congrats and have fun with it!
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"Not rusty"? Then, what's going on with the left rear fender? I think I'd do another wipe down, replace those seats, and go through every hidden compartment... eek
I was thinking the same...
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"Not rusty"? Then, what's going on with the left rear fender?
they don't salt the roads in your area do they Astro? for a northeast truck that is practically factory fresh body work...
For not rusty, I'd hate to see what the definition of rusty is! And we do use a lot of salt around here (the rust on my 07 Explorer tells that tale) but yikes!
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You're aware this is first gen "displacement on demand"? Hope the old boy isn't drinking oil.
I was wrong, it's got the 4.8. It still rips. Guess I dodged a bullet there!
Clearly enough to light up the tires!
I was told it has posi-traction! Between that and the ABS/trac it actually takes off pretty pretty good. Going to have to go through the RPO codes when I'm not afraid to open the glovebox.
The code for a Eaton Gov-Loc will be G80.....GT4 for 3.73, GU6 for 3.42
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Pay a detail shop an extra 50 bucks to totally clean the whole thing out.
A guy who buys this truck is going to a detail shop? Funniest post today! Going to be interesting to see how this beauty sorts out. I've never been able to drive something to 240k much less buy something with that many miles on it. It's like a box of chocolates... Interesting note, I bought a new 2000 Silverado with the 5.3, a guy I knew bought the identical truck with the 4.8... in all comparable situations I always got better mileage than he did and it drove him crazy since he bought the 4.8 for better mileage.
It's interesting the one selling wasn't the owner. Not sure how that works in your area. I did that once and the seller had to get the owner to sign the title to me. Luckily she hadn't filled it out to him yet even though he posed himself as the owner and had been driving it. He just didn't want to pay the registration and have it smogged.
Nice truck. I think some on here don't remember the intended purpose you have for a pickup truck... Literally towing beater cars every once in a while with a car dolly and to haul trash. Which makes this truck perfect for the job. But I'd consider using a pressure washer to wash the interior out.
Nice find. Yeah it's ugly, but whatever. It's a truck, it'll get used. Although I would probably be trying to fix that front end--it's stupid of me, but I'd probably spend the money to get a chrome grill, anything other than the monochrome look. Oh wait--did they paint over the grill? Looks like a 2WD? I wonder if it's from the south. Someone lived down there and transplanted, and either "had to get 4WD" so traded it in--or actually tried driving a 2WD truck in the snow. And then got bounced around between some owners. Good luck. I'm not a fan of pressure washing interiors, but in this case, I might make an exception (or splurge for new seats from the boneyard).