I bought a Saab today...

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Feb 1, 2006
$200, from my 18 year-old cousin, lol. My lil cousin was given this 1986-ish Saab 900 n/a 5-sp by his neighbour as a joke. I actually runs great, steers and rides fine, brakes and clutch are good too. Body is rusted. I was planning on selling it on EBay for like $500, but might keep it as a winter beater. Idle is high, that's the only real problem. I've been putting crazy miles on my new RSX, like 3k a month. Should I keep this p-s Saab for winter and hauling? Just trying to get some ideas. It's white and rust colour, 2dr hatch. Pic tomorrow.
"Should I keep this p-s Saab for winter and hauling?"

Why not? Sounds like you like it and I guess that's what is important.
From what I can tell, the Saab's seem to have strong engines but weak transmissions. Not sure if it was the auto or standard though.

Keep it, especially if you know the history.
Yeah, you should keep it. My first real car was an 85 900S 5spd. I loved it. Slow, but roomy, comfy, responsive, practical. That original 3dr is a classic. And with an Acura that never needs work, you'll enjoy having the SAAB as a hobby car. I certainly would.
Keep it! They're quite enjoyable. You don't have to worry about a 20 year old turbo. Why not?

The manual trans can have problems but it's not a garantee.
So will it pass inspection? Lots of 89-92s for sale up here that run & drive great but are rusted out.
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