How you can tell when a vehicle is from 'up north'...

It keeps Texans out. That's a good enough reason for me.;)
I'm a native Oregonian, from the wet side. Thankfully it doesn't snow in the major Willamette Valley cities much more than Texas. You can find the snow if you want it, at higher elevations.

Had many midwest/rust belt refugees tell me how happy they were to be both places.
That line is moving a little further north every year (this year's early cold notwithstanding). When I was young in the '70s & '80s it was a lot worse than it is now!
That is true, seems those -40 days my Buffalo native friends talk about are not so frequent any more.
Not sure from just a pic but it sure does not look good. I'd like to blame the manufacturer as I have a 15 F150 and 17 Subaru OB in the NY. I'm close to the Taconic and they salt that B heavy farther north and use a lot of the pre-storm spray. Seems to work well. Is this possible from neglect? Or bad metallurgy? Both?
Your near the taconic state parkway? Where abouts?
Spent first 48 years in NW Pa, when I see pics like that I shiver and am thankful for where I live now. We moved here in 2005, in 2006 I bought a 1995 Cherokee that had spent it's life around Phoenix, it had zero rust, it looked new underneath. When I replaced the 02 sensor in the exhaust maniford I cracked it loose with an open end wrench and turned it out with my fingers. The same fix in Pa would have required liberal rust penetrant and a hissing wrench. Nothing like popping the hood after the first Pa winter in a new truck and seeing all of the aluminum parts with the white corrosion coating. Rust belt DIYers don't know how bad they have it.
Why people live in those [expletive]hole snow states is beyond me. anything more north of a line going from Denver to St Louis to Knoxville TN is unacceptable.
I think the same thing about why anybody would live in West Texas.....Austin is very nice tho.
Not mine, but this was in our parking lot a week or two ago. Even for here, this is bad.

Fire courtesy of youngest nephew Drew. Dead oak and wild cherry limbs go up quick 😎😎👍🍻


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Filet mignon I got at local family butcher. Making it tonight with oven, garlic roasted potatoes and asparagus and broccoli and cauliflower.


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Nothing worse than this and Basil Hayden; watered down swill.

Glad I have Crown Royal peach 🤣


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Most food is produced in those states. But I’m sure Texas would be just fine on cattle and California’s avocados 😁
California is the nation's highest producing agricultural state.
Cows and chickens can live pretty much anywhere.
Cold climates have a short growing season.