How to add under 1/2 oz to fuel tank??

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Feb 9, 2005
Okay, I am going to try some stuff in my fuel. However, I will need to add under 1/2 oz per fill up. I can measure that small amount easily. The question is, how do I get it into the fuel tank? 1/4 to 1/2 an ounce doesn't seem like enough to use a funnel; it would just get the funnel's surface wet and none would get into the tank. But if I don't use something to get down past the inner fuel filler door, I'm afraid the charcoal canister will simply soak up all the additive. I don't know whether that will damage the charcoal can or not, nor whether it will release the additive later. What do you think?
When I do things like FP I just squirt it in and with then start to pump the gas, stop the flow and lift the nozzel to let a little dribble down the top of the pipe. I don't think the canister will get the good stuff before it can run down into the tank.
Is the substance THAT aggressive that you need only half oz per tank? I'm not sure I'd waint it in my gas then... How about dissolving it in X amount of gas first?
Go get one of them mixmizer things at walmart that you use to measure 2 cycle oil for chainsaws and stuff.... looks like a giant syringe. Rand
It is a fuel catalyst. There's an Aussie member here who really thinks highly of the stuff. It is used here in North America primarily by railroads and a few relatively large farms. In Australia I believe most of the mines use it. I'm not sure it will be easy to distinguish the 4-8% mileage increase one is supposed to get in an automotive application, but the distributor here has agreed to let me try an 8-oz bottle or two for free! Put the product name between 'w's and 'com' and you'll get to their website.
Yugrus has the right idea. Add 2 oz to a gallon of gas, then add 1 qt of that mixture to each fillup. I'm sure you'll work out something similar with whatever empty containers you have on hand.
Well, I get to try the FPC-1 product. 1 oz treats 40 gallons of fuel. I can work things out in my commute vehicle, but the wife's car is problematic at best. There will be no "pre-mixing" with her or her car. I'll just try pouring it in and seeing what happens, I guess. Thanks, guys.
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