How long to get kit from Blackstone?

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about 14 days.. they must send a bunch out at a time.. after i did my first sample they sent more out within a few days.
When I did my lab evaluations it took almost three weeks to get the kit from Blackstone. Then you need to post it.

So much quicker to get the postage prepaid kit (cheaper too) from Amsoil.
Less than two weeks even going through the hassle of Canada Customs. I imagine it would have been 3 or 4 days within the eastern US. I think they said it could take up to 3 weeks.
This was in early spring. Not sure if there was a high season for UOAs.
got sample bottles less than 2 weeks and all 5 samples I have sent in, I got the results within the week via internet. This is from Washington STATE to Indiana and back-NO complaints!!! here-great service!! (it took me alot longer via bicycle from here to there in 1983-it was a great ride though!! went 3091 miles in 42 days/73miles a day)
I think that you have to pay 10 bucks extra for the TBN from blackstone... Amsoil is postage paid with TBN and oxidation reading for 25.20.. not bad..

FWIW It cost me 87 cents to ship my Blackstone results via parcel post. I got the UOA via email in a PDF file exactly a week after I mailed it.... Amsoil is SLOW!! It took almost a month for me to get a UOA back.
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