How long does asphalt take to dry after road repaving?

Aug 28, 2012
So asphalt just "erodes" away and never dries up? Look at a 15 year old asphalt highway.

...and the pictures above, are they not supposed to grind down the old asphalt before topping?
Likely depends on traffic volume, budget, etc. I see it done several different ways in our area based on primary, secondary, that sort of thing...


Jun 25, 2002
southwest Mo.
They tarred and chip sealed our county roads a few months ago and the places where the chip stuff wasn't put down, tar is still seeping out because of this hot weather and getting all over our vehicles. You can see bubbles of it sitting on the road and can hear them pop as cars drive by. My 2014 Mustang GT which is my nicest vehicle, is covered with it. I tried getting most of it off but inside my wheel wells are covered with it and it's made of some stuff that is almost like fabric. It's definitely not metal so I will probably never get it off.


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Mar 2, 2004
They finished the other lane today. When I got home around 4:00p the newly paved lane (northbound) was still wet, you could wet oil sheen on the surface, yet both lanes were open to traffic. I just went outside to look at it (9:00p), both lanes are jet black but dry to the touch and they already have the yellow stripes put down.

Evidently this is some fast drying stuff with a lot of aggregate and little tar. They laid down about 1-1/2" over top of the old stuff, but I noticed they did grind the old asphalt down in a few places, sort of a spot treatment, presumably for the really bad parts.

The road before the paving in your pics doesn't look that bad to begin with, unless of course there are much worse areas that will benefit. I try to avoid roads if possible after being freshly done, but find by far the worst is when parking lots are touched up as in some type of tar coating being smacked down into cracks and just left a sticky mess for weeks to even a few months. That stuff sticks to shoes, tires, etc. and annoying to remove.

The section in front of my house was is pretty good condition. A mile up the road, the was a couple mile stretch resembling a minefield. It definitely needed it.
Jun 25, 2014
Just last night my road commissioner "oil n' chipped" a gravel section with a replaced culvert.(train tanker)

He oiled it..... and left the road open all night and rocked in the morning! I drove through that early in the morning before the gravel was laid.
*** man, use a road closed sign.