Honda P/S fluid

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Dec 4, 2008
The power steering fluid in my Odyssey is really dark. I would like to change it out. Is there a better & cheaper option available out there, or should I stick with 'Honda Genuine'? Also, is there a way to drain all the fluid on this van or do I have to use the turkey baster method continuously? thanks
Everybody sez that Pyroil or similar Honda equivalent PS fluid is good but personally, I don't mind staying true to Honda PSF for (a) I only change it out every 3 yrs, and (b) I know it will never fail me. Q.
I've always found Honda PSF to get dark pretty quick. I've done a bunch of siphon/refills in my Honda PS unit and it always gets dark again very fast, even if I do multiple siphon/refills in succession. I've always used genuine Honda PSF and had no trouble what-so-ever with my power steering. Even when I fully turn the wheel to lock, I don't get any annoying whines/groaning.
Beings Im about to hig the 75k miles marker, am I do to swap out the fluid, or leave it until 105k maintenance?
If you don't mind spending little time and money to do maintenance to keep you Odyssey in top shape, then 6yr/75k miles is over due for P/S fluid change. But, I have a friend who had 1991 Accord with more than 250k miles and never change P/S and brake fluids and his Accord still ran great until it was sold a year ago.
Honda's used to be picky about their PS fluid. [Most cars are not so picky.] Because of this, I'd use Honda fluid in that car.
I've been using RL psf in my Acura for a couple years now and I've had no problems with it. I do notice that it doesn't darken like the OEM fluid does, it stays nice and red.
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