highway driving when the engine is cold...

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Jun 8, 2003
I live very close to a major highway. So most of the time, within 2 minutes after the engine has started in the morning, I am already on the hwy travelling at [pretty constant] 100km/h speed. My question is... Is this good / bad for the car? Should I do some more low-speed & varied RPM city driving before I get on a highway [by taking the next ramp to the hwy]? Thanks.
I would just accelerate easy and slowly. Meaning give it little gas and go your regular speed. Remember that RPM's are more important than actual speed. Obviously though as you speed up past legal limits your RPM's go up. I do the same as you, 2 miles from the highway and off to 75 mph slowly. The car has over 192k miles and no issues.
[Off Topic!] RA003E: what does your screen name mean? just curious. at first i thought it was Toyota's Formula 1 engine's code designation. just curious. sorry for the personal info.
RA003E = this year's Honda Formula 1 engine Obviously, I am a big fan of Honda. [Big Grin] ps. I think Toyota's is called RVX-something...
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