High Mileage Turbo Honda

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Jun 21, 2003
Jersey, U.S.A.
My car: -92 Integra LS -120,000 miles -turbo set at 6.5 psi I've spent the last two days reading through a huge 20+ thread on honda-tech.com which led me to this awesome sight. Lots of knowledgeable people here. Now, I've been using different oils since my turbo install: Castrol High Mileage 20W50, Valvoline MaxLife 20W50, and Penzoil 15W40. The only issue I've had is cold startup. However, this is in the colder months (March to present). Every morning the car would stumble, and shutoff on the intitial startup. It sounded horrible, the engine would shake to start. However, on warm startup she's fine. I'm afraid to try the synthetic because of the high miles. Also, I read about this whole "synthetic myth" stuff. I also read how oil, whether dino or synthetic, is squeezed out under high stress and all that's left is the additives to fight off metal-to-metal contact. Aaaaaand how the major oil companies have sold out and removed a lot of the zinc and moly to meet new standards. All of this just confuses me more. I'd like a decently priced oil for my high mileage turbo application. What do you guys think? [I dont know]
Why would you think a car with 120K is high miles? My Volvo turbo has 238K miles. 120K is just a pup. There was just a thread on turbo and syn vs. dino. I prefer synthetic because it does tolerate the turbo heat soak a bit better. I would not be feeding your car dino 20W-50, especially in the winter. Maybe Chevron Delo 400. But do an Auto-Rx treatment now, I'll bet you notice a difference.
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