help me choose a Schaeffers grease

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May 15, 2005
Katy TX
I will be using this grease to lube my 2500HD pickup chassis and u-joints. I will also use it to lube the farm tractor, bush hog, and case dozer. 238#2, 221#2 or 274#2?
I love the 238#2 but is it too heavy for u-joints? I would rather have to keep up with just one grease. Would 221#2 be a better compramise? I like that the 274 is a synthetic blend, but it may be too soft to stay in the dozer for very long.
238,238,238 all the its not too heavy I use it on everything outstanding grease.

Heavy equipment is perfect for that grease, pins bushings anything that "slides".
This is a good question, one that I've had and has kept me from grabbing a tube to have ready to replace my synpower nlgi #2.

I like the looks for 274 for automotive. Are you sure the 221 is more compromising than the 238? Just looking at the temp range it does not look like a good option for year-round applications.
238 is too stiff for high speed bearings. I've heard it not recommended for wheel bearings under 3". Grease flows in the bearing. Small, high speed bearings won't get the flow they need with 238.

221 would do it all.

I'd have two grease guns (I actually have two). 274 for the vehicles and other high speed bearings, and 238 for heavy slow moving places like the dozer. If that's all it takes to cut repair jobs....
That's exactly what I did. I have a gun with 274 in It for u joints, mower decks etc. I found a spare gun I forgot I had, that has the 238 in It for everything else.
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