Help/Advice on Replacing Door

Nov 23, 2015
Our house was built in 1953, and like a lot of older homes some things are non-standard size.

We have a breezeway/laundry room connecting the house proper to the garage. The doors on it-both into the house and out to the garage are probably 1" thick with 6 single panes of glass. It essentially has no insulation value whatsoever, which is especially unhelpful since the garage isn't insulated(visible studs with what looks like plaster lath on the outside, and vinyl siding on the other side of that-want to insulate it but that's a big job). I keep borrowing parts from the other door to keep the latch working correctly on the one to the garage, or otherwise it won't stay closed. In short, it needs to go.

We'd ideally like to just put something simple and tight up to replace it-just a plain steel exterior door would be fine. The issue is this "32" door is only 76" tall.

Without pulling the trim(which I can do if need be) I don't know how tall the opening for the frame is but I'm guessing that it's very likely not tall enough to just buy a prehung door and hope to have it fit.

Apparently that is a mobile home door size, and we've found this option , but I'm not sure if the metal frame that's in would work or if it would be too thick for the existing frame.

We've explored storm doors, and I'd be content with something like a double pane glass one. The issue is the only one we've managed to find in that size is half-screen, and I suspect that would give us even worse insulation. We don't care about anything fancy, just something that will save some money on heating and cooling and also keep the draft off our feet.

Enlarging the opening is probably a step beyond my(minimal) carpentry skills. Plus, the walls are all plaster, which I'm not dead-set on preserving, but I'm afraid too much cutting would end up with doing drywall at least in that room. I'm inclined to call a carpenter to do it, but want to explore other options.

First of all, does anyone here know the rough dimensions of what I can expect the frame on a pre-hung door to be? I can't seem to find that anywhere.

Second, assuming a prehung frame would be too big to go, would it be more economical to order a custom size than call a carpenter? Just trying to explore options here.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.