Havoline prices at WM!

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Sep 27, 2003
Princeton, TX
Just got back from my WalMart grocery trip. I went down the oil isle, even though I don't need any now (drives the wife NUTS!). Havoline quarts are now the same price as Pennzoil quarts ($1.98 each). The 5 quart jug is still cheaper, but I'm sure they will raise it soon. Everyone is buying more Havoline, so WM must have raised the prices (Havoline has been scarce on the shelves for the last month or so)? Now, do I stick with Havoline, or go with yellow Pennzoil [Confused] ? Brian
I was just at Wal-Mart last week; picked up a 5 quart jug of Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40. Engine runs smooth as silk! [Wink]
Havoline at the local Walmarts near me have gone up in price, too. Now, Havoline is about the same price as buying Pennzoil or Castrol. [Frown] Long live TropArtic for $1.48 a quart! [Smile]
I was at walmart this weekend and also saw the price increase. Castrol was up to 2.42 qt if memory serves. It's odd that Castrol GTX is so much more expensive than both Pennzoil and Havoline. Adding to the weirdness, the Castrol 5 qt jugs are the same price as the Pennzoil 5qt jugs. TropArtic was still 1.48 qt though. Now the real battle of the dinos begins. Havoline or Pennzoil!?!?!
You can count on AA having Havoline on sale every 6-8 weeks. It is on sale now for $1.58/qt if you buy a case. It wasn't that long ago that the sale price was $1.08/qt......but it is still a good price.
I was in WalMart yesterday, and noticed a quirk with the Havoline pricing. Single quarts were $1.70, and a 5 quart jug was $8.94. I am no math major, but....
If I'm going to have to buy individual quarts, it will be T/A at 1.48 (for now).. Here I was thinking Havoline was going to be the holdout and there was always going to be a low-priced good alternative to the ST. Glad I didn't bet money on it now.
Civilians equate higher price with higher quality. This is done with cheap wines [raising the price beyond it's value] , and they sell MORE!
Looked at Fred's today, Havoline's up to $1.92/qt. [Razz] At equal price, between Pennzoil & Havoline, flip a coin, IMO you can't lose. WM's near me still have Phillips 66 TropArtic in 5/10w30 synthetic Blends for $1.48/qt- if you're looking for a bargain that's gotta be the biggest one in WalMart after all the recent price increases.
It's not Wal-Mart or any retailer, but instead it's being driven by Chevron. Ever since they bought the Texaco brand they've been working to build Havoline into a "premium" brand at a "premium" price similar to Pennzoil, Castrol, etc. It has been VERY difficult, but the general increase in prices throughout the petroleum market has helped a lot in the past several months. Expect Havoline prices to remain in the same neighborhood as other top brands.
Just an update, i went to walmart tonight and a guy was stocking the shelves. He had several FULL cases of Motorcraft 5/20, 5/30, 10/30, 15/40, and 10/40. He also had 1 full case of TropArtic 5w30 which i took off his hands for 1.48 qt. The 5 qt jugs of Havoline were well stocked at 8.98 per. I was glad to see the updated stock of Motorcraft. Even at 2.02 qt, it's still a really good deal. Although i was very happy with my TropArtic purchase. I also picked up 3 ST7317 oil filters. I'd also like to get some TA 10/30 but they only had 3 qts, so this weekend i'll make a trip to the other WM in my area and see if i can get some there.
This shouldn't be any surprise that oil prices keep going up. It's just a matter of time when SuperTech dino will be 2 bucks a quart.
I have to wonder if we at BITOG shot ourselves in the foot. Those of us who have used Havoline and especially done UOA's let it be known this was a great oil at a bargain price. Now its priced at or near the other big names. Probably not, but it makes you go "hmmmmmm'.
"I have to wonder if we at BITOG shot ourselves in the foot. Those of us who have used Havoline and especially done UOA's let it be known this was a great oil at a bargain price." ========================================================== Years ago when Chevron came out with its GII, the same thing happened. Now it's hard to come by in these parts at any price.
Havoline reminds me of Bush beer. Back in the day, a case of Bush was going for $7 a case. Budweiser was going for about $12 per case. All of a sudden, Bush jumps up in price to about $10 per case. The distributor told me it was because it was such a good seller. Exactly: not too bad a beer at a decent price. Shortly thereafer, Coors came out with Keystone it the $7 per case price range. Many former Bush drinkers switched. Likewise, I will probably be switching from Havoline to TropArctic or Motorcraft.
TropArctic has to be the best deal around at the moment. Unfortunately, WM doesn't carry it around here. Was in WM today, RTS was up to $15.48/gal. [Eek!] Glad I have a couple of Gallons in my stash. May have to ration it, maybe dilute it with m1 5W40.... [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
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