Have a 93 v6 Toyota Pickup; which filter?

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Dec 14, 2003
San Francisco, CA USA
I have a 1993 toyota pickup v6. Currently, I'm using and sdf 57 oil filter. What other oil filter can I use from amsoil; I'm looking for one that will hold the most oil. Also, which filter type has the best ADBV. I've seen people say that no adbv is perfect, especially after a car sits for about a week. But that's all my car does. It sits for a week, then i drive it once for about 100 miles on the freeway, and then it sits for another week.
I have run both the longer SDF-34 and the longer and wider SDF-96, on my 2.4L, Tacoma pickup. The filter mounts vertically on this engine w/ the open end up, so ADBV integrity is a non-issue. I run the SDF-96's for 12,000 miles/1 year and have had no problems. The SDF-96 holds 0.5 qts more oil than the SDF-57, about 24 ounces as opposed to 8 ounces and it has twice the filter area inside the canister ....Been doing the oversized filter thing for about 10 years on my VW/Audi engines and it works great! I have also had customers run the SDF-34 on later model 3.4L, Four Runner engines and it works fine, however it is a tight squeeze by the inner fender well. Tooslick [ February 15, 2004, 07:48 AM: Message edited by: rugerman1 ]
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