Gutting and cleaning squirrels.........

Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
On my very own property, I kid you not, 100's of fat, juicy squirrels. Grey and Black and mixed.

They seem to have zero predators and show zero fear of birds of prey. Once cute, they are a nuisance but that is a different discussion.

One alone doesn't look like enough for a meal. maybe 4-5 would be enough. But I'm a bird hunter. How does one avoid fur taint and such? How to gut the rats?

Asking for a friend.
My grandmother could make the best squirrels. She fried them but also made squirrel and dumplings that was fantastic.
Looks like a perfect application for a high quality air rifle. I used to eat the rabbits from my property when I lived on Orcas Island. Are there certain times of year to avoid eating squirrels? Diseases or other things to watch out for, like tularemia with rabbits?
I don't know but quickly found this advice.
I love squirrel. My Daughter was a very fussy eater as a kid. You could never get her to eat meat. She would take one bite, then skip the rest.

One day I went hunting and fried some up for dinner. Put a front leg on her plate. She ate the entire thing and grabbed a hind quarter and finished that! Most meat I had ever seen her eat.

Next weekend, she asked if I could go squirrel hunting again. So I did. In her college years I cooked some one weekend. She asked if she could take the leftovers back to college, for her roommate to try.

Several years ago, took her Daughter (my Granddaughter) out and she shot her first squirrel. I popped several more, so they had that for dinner. Must run in the family.;)
Never seen a red one. Just gray and black - and they must be the same basic species.
We’ve got the eastern grey squirrels and the red fox squirrels here. The fox squirrels are bigger and tend to be a little tougher meat. They’re good for squirrel and dumplings or cooked in a pressure cooker. The greys I like breaded and fried.
Never seen a red one. Just gray and black - and they must be the same basic species.
Same genus, different species.

Squirrels commonly carry prion diseases. MSD - Mad Squirrel Disease. You'll be looking for your nuts all day because you forget where you put them. 😛
Black squirrels are common in Council Bluffs, IA where I grew up and they make their way next door to Omaha, NE where I live now. Not sure how prevalent they are elsewhere.