Grinding brakes when hot

The Northeast
I did a front brake job on the Accord last summer. One caliper piston was a little difficult to push in but I didn't think much of it as it finally went in. Fast forward to a few weeks ago - I started hearing a grinding noise up front as I braked. It would happen after the brakes were warmed up, like running errands around town. I had a feeling it was that caliper coming back to bite me in the butt. Seeing as this job would require bleeding brakes/messing with brake fluid, which is one task I hate, I hired out the job to my indy. He went for a test drive and confirmed the noise. We expected the grinding to be from one pad worn down to metal due to the sticking piston but oddly enough, the pad meat was about equal. He ruled out something like a grinding wheel bearing and the rest of the suspension was tight. He recommended replacing both calipers while he's in there, along with both flex brake hoses, as they can sometimes collapse internally and cause a sticking caliper. These original parts were all 225k miles old, so I agreed. The car brakes great now. The combo of new calipers, hoses & fresh brake fluid has vastly improved the pedal feel. And best of all - no more noise!