Grease for Poly Bushings?

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Jan 31, 2009
Tampa, Fl
I installed Polyurethane Bushings in my control arms, and drilled and tapped them with zerks fittings. I have been using plain old chassis grease. Is there something more correct that I should use?

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I like a calcium sulfonate thickened (marine) grease as it resists water washout better than most chassis greases which are usually Li or Li complex.
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I just used the red M1 grease in mine on the Lincoln......

Is the polyurethane compatible with the lithium complex thickener??
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Prothane Super Grease. (since Prothane makes poly bushings....)

You can buy it in cartridge form for your grease gun

This, and some use the Super Lube synthetic clear stuff as well (it's actually recommended by UMI (performance suspension component company) for use in it's Roto-Joint control arm/panhard/a arm/etc. ends with poly or delrin bushings.

But, the Prothane/Energy Suspensions products are MUCH thicker/tackier, and WILL outlast the Super Lube like 10 to 1.
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