Grass Mowing

For a while, it was once every 3-4 days then it tapered off at just once a week or so.

Last month it’s really slowed down. I haven’t mowed in about 3 weeks now. Our pond is very low now too.
I haven't mowed much this year. I bet its been a month since the last time. But I'll be the first to admit I have too many trees and almost no sun. The grass just doesn't grow like it did when the trees were smaller. By contrast, the guy across the street has a lot of sun and he waters the grass..... And he mows it about twice a week.

Coming soon are the sixty-billion leaves I'll have to pick up!
I usually mow mine once a week and cut back to every other week towards the end of the season when the growth slows down a bit. My neighbors appear to have chosen a semi-annual schedule instead. 😆
I just got to thinking about the grass today and realized I may have only cut it about 4 times this year . It's been really dry this summer so not much grass is growing . Luckily it hasn't been very hot . Last week we had a day it sprinkled and that was about it .
Mowed twice this year so far. Mainly just to knock down the weeds.
Through most of the year this year, it's been at least weekly and would start to look pretty rough if I pushed it to 8-9 days.

The last mow was after two weeks, and that was two weeks ago now. I'll look at it and see parts that I think could stand a trim, but other parts not at all. It also hasn't rained in several weeks.

As of now, we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. With that in mind, I'm planning on another mow toward the end of the week, and that MAY be the last of the season other than possibly one toward the end of the month to chop up the leaves.
It's been a good year for me to get the irrigation system more finely tuned, as the rain has had little part in the growth and greening all summer, although my wallet would prefer more rain and less consumption on the water bill...this year and last both were heavy hitters on the irrigation.

I've had to mow roughly weekly throughout the season...this time every year I'm over it. I spend a little over an hour start to finish including trimming and blowing.
Planted Zoysia a few years ago, love it....mow every 2 weeks and it always looks decent. No fertilizer or weed control needed. It is starting to really slow down with the lower temps and will turn brown in November.