Good luck finding used 235/15's

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Dec 21, 2004
Sudbury, Ontario
They've all been used up in Sudbury.
I've been trying to find a set of used winter tires for my beater van and I can't find ANY in the standard truck size no matter what style. Holy cow! There aren't that many vehicles running 235s that are worth 4 new tires up here.

Does anybody know if I can slap use a set of 16" truck wheels with my 1987 E-150?

I just thought you guys would want to know rather than spend a lot of time looking. One used tire shop I went to said, "I wish every tire here was a 235"

i learned a while back to forget used tires on my heavy van.
had too many go bang at the worst possible time.
at 300.00 for a set of new lt rated 23575r15 installed it aint worth messing with used.
Too bad you don't live down the road - I have 15 used but in pretty good shape 235/75-15's in my shed right now. I had some and my brother had some. He moved and I inherited his supply. Have you thought of using 225/75-15's? I know they're smaller - but . . . .
The 30x9.5 or even 30x10.5 isn't a bad idea either, although the 10.5's are taller than the 235's. Probably more expensive too.
I'd steer clear of the 16's. You'd have to buy new (or used) rims plus the cost of the tire.

the tire rack

Try these tools. As to tire size, the usual problem is section width as it relates to lock-to-lock stop interference. As above, 255/70-15 will work, as will 275/60-15.

I knew plenty of guys running these on old Dodge and Plymouth full size where I imagine the fender clearance was more of an issue than on a truck. They had no problem with steering interference.

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Why not try a set of Liberator All Terrain tires from wal-mart. They are really inexpensive and I heard they are good tires.
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