Good deal on microfiber kit at WalMart

Jun 21, 2002
I know.... I know.... some folks hate WalMart so much, they'll never step foot into one. Well, for those of us not so militant, there is a good deal on microfiber towels I want to pass along. Viking offers a 10 piece microfiber detailing kit. Normal price is $10 but my local store has it on clearance for $7.50. At that price, its a screamin' deal. Here's what you get: 1 - MF wash mitt 1 - MF wash sponge 1 - MF covered wheel brush 1 - MF bug sponge 1 - MF large drying towel 2 - MF applicator pads 3 - MF polishing towels The large drying towel alone will cost you around $7.00. Getting all these items for less than $1 each can't be beat. Viking's quality is very good for retail level products and I have no concerns in recommending them.